Start at the beginning

Our warm, compassionate therapists will meet you where you are now, wherever that happens to be. Together we’ll set goals, identify barriers, discuss positive behaviors and actions for you to move forward, and start feeling better.

First steps to finding your healthiest self

Scheduling an appointment is a big step. When you consciously recognize something isn’t working and you want to live differently, you begin to open up. By acknowledging your desire to change and taking action, you are taking first steps toward future positive change.

You set the agenda.

There isn’t a magic formula. There’s no universal approach or cure-all when it comes to therapy. We see you and work with you as an individual.

Accordingly, your first couple of sessions are like conversations. You and your therapist get to know each other. Then you’ll have the chance to ask open, honest questions in a relaxed environment and make sure that you (and your partner or family) are a good fit for each other.

Establishing dialogue. Clear communication and a strong sense of connection are crucial components in any relationship, including the one you have with your therapist. Building comfort, trust and confidence in your therapist all have been shown to lead to more positive therapy outcomes.

Sorting things out.

And, sometimes you may just need to talk it out. When you don’t say things aloud, but hold them in instead, it builds up. Especially with anxiety or depression. If a problem feels too big, or insurmountable, we’re here to show you how to step back, define boundaries, and view your situation from a space where you feel calm and in control.

 Gaining awareness.

Seeking help is challenging, though the real work of therapy is practicing what you’ve learned. We’ll show you how to regularly tap into insights gained from a session, and make progress between sessions by remaining aware and actively using new communication skills and techniques.

With practice and persistence, you can cultivate change in a way that feels natural, part of a larger progression, even if it gets tough at times. We’re here to help you through the rough spots with guidance, insight and compassion.

Overarching strategy for healing.

Therapy that is truly beneficial and really works for you will be different than therapy for anyone else. Discovering your unique approach is an eclectic process, one that emphasizes communication, empathy, listening and self-awareness to foster insight. Across a variety of approaches, you’ll find we build on the notion of relationships as intricate networks, with varied causes and effects. In essence, you’re always influencing the people around you. And with deeper self-understanding, self-expression and a grasp of your impact on the lives of others, you’ll be able to surface core issues and introduce healthy change into your own life.

Hours that fit your schedule.

We’ll always hear you out. Weekday. Weekend. Evenings. We’re here, available when you need us.